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Post Production

Follows Cass a young woman who has come to a personal point of emotional invulnerability, until she meets Virgil, a cartographer. Along with his partner Malcolm, the pair will attempt to travel back in time to awaken Cass to love again.

Written and Directed by Yaniv Raz

Produced by Margot Hand, Village Roadshow, Macro, BK Studios, New Name

Co-Producer: Jamie Harvey

Post Production

A woman is forced to decide how far she is willing to go to achieve her objectives, and who she is willing to sacrifice along the way.

Written and Directed by Gerard Johnson

Produced by Matt Wilkinson (Stigma Films) / Electric Shadow Company

Co-Producer: Jamie Harvey

Screen Shot 2023-03-22 at 12.53.42.png
Post Production

Over the course of a day, a married couple, Mary and James Tyrone, and their two sons, Jamie and Edmund, grapple with Mary's morphine addiction and confront each other over the past in a series of emotionally tense and volatile exchanges.

Directed by Jonathan Kent

Produced by Gabrielle Tana

Exec Producers: Naomi George, David Gilbury (BK Studios)

Co-Producer: Jamie Harvey

Screen Shot 2023-03-22 at 12.55.12.png

A boy and his stepmother fear for their safety after an eerie creature resembling the boy's recently deceased father visits them.

Written and Directed by Ben Barfoot

Produced by Matt Wilkinson

Co-Producer: Jamie Harvey

Theatrical Release June 2024

Set in Japan and the UK this international film tells the story of a widower who travels  from Japan with his estranged son, to England in order to fulfill his late wife's dying wish.

Written and Directed by Patrick Dickinson

Produced by Gabrielle Tana

Co-Producer: Jamie Harvey

Railway Children Poster.jpeg
Released: July 2022

The Railway Children Return is an upcoming film, which serves a sequel to the 1970 film, The Railway Children, itself based on the E. Nesbit novel. The story is based around the backdrop of the child evacuees from inner cities to the countryside during the Second World War. The children also encounter a soldier who is very far from home

Directed by Morgan Matthews

Produced by Jemma Rodgers

Line Producer (Additional Photography): Jamie Harvey

US Release March 2023

Set in London, with an all-British cast. The narrative follows events after a catastrophic accident on a construction site in the City that caused several deaths. ‘Don’ was responsible, as site
manager, and has since gone on the run (taking his daughter Carla with him)
rather than face justice and certain prison time. The film follows Carla coming of age, investigating the reasons for their life in hiding, which hitherto have been kept a secret from her. Themes of the film include: family, trust, lies and identity.

Written and Directed by Nick Norman-Butler.

Produced by Amy Gardner & Jamie Harvey

Screenshot 2024-06-10 at 15.46.53.png
Theatrical Relesae June 2024

Firebrand is a story about Henry VIII's 6th wife Katherine Parr, and her relationship with Henry towards the end of his life.

Starring Jude Law, Alicia Vikander, Eddie Marsan and Sir Simon Russell Beale

Directed by Karim Aïnouz

Produced by Gabrielle Tana

Associate Producer / Unit Production Manager: Jamie Harvey

August 2017

The impact of commercial progress and gentrification in London is seen through the eyes of an ageing Drag Queen (Enzo Cilenti) who is failing to come to terms with the changing face of Soho. The story centres on the themes of community, social homogenisation and identity. Starring Enzo Cilenti as Mimi Directed By: Markus Meedt

Written By: Mario Theodorou

Produced By: Jamie Harvey, Ben Edmunds

Pyjama Diaries Poster.png
August 2021

"The Pyjama Diaries" is a scripted, short form comedy series revolving around the nightly routine of Paul and Fiona. It is here, at this sacred time, that the responsibilities of adulthood can be abandoned and they can let off steam to the only people who love them enough to listen; each other. Starring Amy Barnes and Ben Keenan Directed By: Ben Edmunds

Written By: Ben Edmunds, Jamie Harvey and Tom Dale

Produced By: Jamie Harvey

World Premier: November 2021

Written by Lorien Haynes and Directed by 18 Female Directors, and starring Nathan Fillion, Sullivan Stapleton, James Purefoy, Adam Rayner, Eoin Macken, Charlie Field, Lorien Haynes and Issy Knopler; a woman tells her daughter about every man she’s ever been with - in the hope her daughter won’t make the same mistakes.

Produced by Jamie Harvey

ALL LAURELS Bad News - Good television_L
February 2021

As a morning show goes into the 5 minute countdown before their live recording, the producers, political guests, cast and crew try to make the most of a freshly uncovered scandal.

Winner of the Directors UK and Arri Trinity Challenge

Directed by Markus Meedt
Produced by Jamie Harvey
Written by Alex Gibbons and Gabriel Henrique Gonzalez

SATA Poster.jpg
In Development

In the wake of Alice’s death, the family unit is thrown into disarray. Ten-year-old Sam has nowhere to turn but believes things will be better if only he can speak to his mum once more. He turns to Skinner, a phony psychic with a twisted moral compass who preys on the bereaved, and convinces him to take him to the Angel of the North to make the connection.
Director: Micheal Clifford

Writers: Jamie Harvey & Colin Mclaren

Producers: Susan Simnett & Jamie Harvey

April 2017

Louis is racked with guilt after an innocuous and misconstrued joke is made by his best friend, Patrice. Worried that Patrice might think he is racist, Louis attempts to heal hundreds of years of inequality in a single night. Patrice just wants some sleep. Winner of Best International Film at the International Black Film Festival, White Guilt is Terra Nova’s debut short film. Screened at festivals across the globe it will be released in Autumn 2018. Written by Tom Dale Directed by Ben Edmunds Produced by Jamie Harvey

In Development

“Twelve” is a short film that introduces us to Pete, Lizzie and their son Isaac. The narrative follows the family through the first twelve weeks of the couples’ newly discovered pregnancy.

Written by Ben Edmunds and Jamie Harvey

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