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Jamie is a former television news journalist turned award winning writer/producer.

In fact if you’d been up really early in the late noughties you may have heard his voice on the ITV News, or reading the sport’s news on any one of numerous commercial radio stations. 


But as his passion for story telling developed, he soon realised he wanted the freedom to be more creative (and making things up was still frowned upon in journalism back then). So after working in several creative agencies he eventually wrote his first sitcom script, which was optioned by Bwark and Merman. He subsequently signed with United Agents before moving to WME.


He has since had a script commissioned by Sky and is discussing several more with various production companies. 


As a producer he has recently finished production on "Everything I Ever Wanted To Tell My Daughter About Men" which is a feature made up of sixteen shorts, all directed by different female directors, and starring Jason Isaacs, Nathan Fillion and James Purefoy among others.  He's also just shot "My House" starring Mirren Mack and Francis Magee and is in pre production on a feature for Magnolia Mae Films and another for Over the Fence Films (which he has also co-written).

He has picked up numerous festival honours including Best International Film at the International Black Film Festival for "White Guilt" and  official selection at Austin Film Festival for "Anonymous".

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